Be Savvy with SavvyLoo

Rapid community sanitation at a fraction of the usual cost.

No sludge generated
Low lifecycle and logistics costs
No sewers or digging required

Redefine Portable Sanitation

Be savvy with the loo that changes poo!


  • Safe for women and children to use

  • Inclusive and accessible to the elderly and disabled.

  • Odourless, ensuring quality community use

  • Clean and hygienic, protecting the community’s health.

  • Gender neutral, for equitable accessibility.

  • No pits or sludge, ensuring family safety.
hand, united, together


  • As a desiccating toilet, there is absolutely no water required.

  • No pumping, no pipes, just harnessing nature’s strongest disinfectant: the sun.

  • The condensed sunlight and heat dries the waste and kills pathogens that cause disease and odour.


  • Urine and faeces are separated, desiccated and bagged in-situ.

  • No heavy, bulky, toxic sludge to manage.

  • A family of 4 generally produces a bag of dry waste in a month.

  • Waste can be up-cycled further.


  • Save time, labour and the environment!

  • With no digging required and no infrastructure needed, SavvyLoo can be placed anywhere, at any time, with minimum effort and maximum use.

  • Waste is collected in biodegradable bags for gasification and biomedical uses, as well as fertilizer.


  • With almost no environmental footprint the SavvyLoo is the ultimate in green sanitation solutions.

  • And a safer loo is the first step to a safer you.

35%+ servicing savings

That's a bold statement. We guarantee it. Want to know more? Click here and get in touch.

Feeling the pinch?
You aren't alone!

Quick figures from community portable sanitation providers in South Africa

Logistics costs

95% of sanitation providers place logistics costs as their #1 ops-cost, with a 25% price increase since 2015.

0 %+
logistics cost increase since 2015

Carting water

95% of the sanitation waste (950g per kg) is water (1kg/l). Saving logistics costs can be driven by cutting the water load.

0 %
of waste is evaporable water

Labour costs

85% of PSPs place labour as a top-3 cost driver. Costs increased 35% since 2015, without matching operational efficiency.

0 %+
cost increase without improvement


Profitability is under pressure through industrial action, service delivery protests and fluctuations through currency devaluation.

0 %
profitability loss: currency instability

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The SavvyLoo has provided great value and experience, better than our previous sanitation, with less smell. It was easy to use, and we would definitely recommend it.
Selina Phofelo

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Theo Pistorius

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